Iowa State University Office Of The President

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Around 300,000 American students are able to partake in studying abroad each year (Klebnikov, Sergei). With over 7 billion people spread throughout the world we may think that experiencing places in our own county is seemingly impossible. However, today we have so many opportunities to travel the world as young people. Iowa State University has focused on giving students of all different backgrounds the ability to go out and experience the world.
Analysis of Mission
Iowa State University prides itself on its mission to “Create, share, and apply knowledge to make Iowa and the world a better place” (Iowa State University Office of the President: Mission and Vision). This mission focuses on the success of each and every student that attends Iowa State. In order for Iowa State’s Study Abroad program to follow the foundational mission of the entire university, it had to create a mission that also focused on the students. The mission they have formed and stand today consists of: putting emphasis on developing strong international adventures. In order for students to go out to other countries to receive a quality education, the Study Abroad program must create a strong base on which they are able to form equal quality education as Iowa State provides no matter where a student goes. To promote opportunities that are inclusive and affordable for all students. To prepare students and directors for success when studying abroad. To advance standards of safety and uphold

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