Iowa State University Personal Statement

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Things often don't go as planned in life, but sometimes it's for the better. I never actually planned on attending Iowa State University, but now that I'm signed up to attend, I can't wait to learn more about myself and develop through classes, clubs, and the NROTC program.
When I first applied to Iowa State University, I was originally planning on attending the University of Illinois, and Iowa State was my backup school. Two days after I applied to Iowa State, I was accepted. Once I told my friends, family, and mentors about my acceptance, I was told nothing but good things. The reputation that Iowa State has established for itself is one of the best. Even one of my small group leaders at church who graduated from University of Iowa, conceded that Iowa State has an exceptional engineering program. At that point I started to do research about ISU, and through research I discovered that Iowa State is ranked within the top 25 engineering programs in the nation. That’s when I took a look at the majors that Iowa State has available and decided on majoring in software engineering. I have always been interested in computers, but never knew exactly what I wanted to do with them, therefore, majoring in software engineering was a natural choice. I would be studying what I love in one of the
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It gives me a unique perspective of the world and allows me to do something worthwhile in my life that I can then tell my grandchildren about in the future. My grandfather, who retired from the Army, instilled me with a deep appreciation of the military and a sense of service. When looking into the different programs offered at Iowa State I decided that the Navy would be the best fit for me due to it’s world class Surface Warfare Officers. The NROTC program at Iowa State gives me the ability to commission into the Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer opens many doors in the future that would otherwise be closed to
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