Iowa 's Own Backpocket Brewing

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Iowa 's Own Backpocket Brewing I grew up in a working class family and that meant working class beer. Pabst Blue Ribbon, Old Style, and Milwaukee 's Best were the beers of choice at every BBQ or Superbowl party. When I became old enough to drink beer, I learned that the old standards became standard because they were cheap, not because they were interesting. In the Midwest we love our meat and potatoes, and our boring beer. These are both hold overs from another time, when goods could not move as far, or as fast as they do today. Although some craft brews are completely original, most of them are variations on classic recipes. These personal touches are what give breweries their own identity. In one way beer is a lot like food; ingredients and styles vary regionally, but it all starts out much the same. So what makes one beer more interesting than another? It begins with the brewer, choosing ingredients, mixing flavors, and making subtle changes. Most of the different styles of beer have been around for many years, however, craft brewing was something that few people had heard of thirty years ago. Since then it has steadily gained momentum. These days most grocery stores carry a staggering variety of imported and domestic craft beers. One company has turned a love of traditional German beer into a local landmark . Backpocket Brewing of Coralville, Iowa produces several varieties of beer, some are available all the time, others are seasonal, or even a one time run.

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