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Title: “This is gonna be my story, my rebirth, my new life.” Exploring the motivations and goals of individuals awaiting Gastric Bypass Surgery: An IPA analysis

Analysis and Discussion
This investigation utilised interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) in order to explore and understand the individual explanations of those awaiting gastric bypass surgery. With the participant explanations, researchers were able to distinguish two superordinate themes and subordinate themes. These are presented in the following table.

Superordinate Theme
Subordinate Theme
Poor Health
New Life (goals)
New capabilities
Change in emotional state
Improved Health Researchers reviewed and
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This account of vlogger 6’s plane flight is a good example of the theme “embarrassment”, as it depicts in detail the occurrences of the flight and how it lead to the individual feeling embarrassed. She uses this to relate how being obese can put one in situations where they become embarrassed because their size has hindered them in that situation. The individual explains how she unlike many others have to ask for seatbelt extensions on plane flights and the embarrassing implications of having to ask again whenever the steward/stewardess forgets. She also explains her humiliation when told that she either had to fasten her seatbelt or get on a flight that could accommodate her size. Due to her embarrassing features (her size) it seems that she subconsciously detaches herself from her “fat”. In evidence of this she says, “my fat or me” instead of referring to herself as a whole. It can be inferred that by explaining this occurrence in this fashion she is detaching her “fat” from herself because she feels that her size humiliates her.

Subordinate Theme: Family

Extract 4, Pre-operation

(56) “feel I want to do it now. also having no brothers
(57) and sisters im going to need to be there to look
(58) after my folks when I get older, and I don’t want
(59) my health to
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