Ipad Air And Its Effect On Our Lives And Careers

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It all began with making the iPhone bigger, and versatile for all ages.The iPad became the thing everyone wanted, coming out with iPad mini and now the iPad Air made a variety for everyone. Then Microsoft came out with the surface pro, it had all the features of a computer but was much smaller and easier to carry around. The Surface Pro “Tablet Can Replace Your Computer” commercial tries to grab the consumers attention through need for satisfying achievement, attention, and the need for autonomy. On the other hand, the “iPad Air” commercial uses the need to satisfy curiosity, need for achievement and aesthetic sensations. While both commercials are good, iPad is more convincing because it keeps the buyers wanting more. The Microsoft ad for the Surface Pro strongly uses the need to achieve. The ad uses this average guy, but throughout the commercial you see him using his surface pro in all different kind of work settings. Fowles says, “this is the drive that energizes people, causing them to strive in their lives and careers.” The ad reaches out to business people, watching this man succeed while using his surface pro. He looks like a very successful business man while being able to put a flash drive in his device and share it with people. He can type on it just like a laptop and lay it the way he wants. The ad reaches out to show people this is what you want, you can take it anywhere and can achieve anything while using it. Another appeal that the Surface Pro

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