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Movie Analysis Journal Entry Parenthood the movie is filled with interpersonal communication in many different ways, from relationships, to labels, internal obstacles, and even direct definition. The movie showed many ways of interpersonal communication because of all the different people with in the family. Because of how many people where in the family, they’re where many different situations between different characters that related to the book. Gill and Patty’s son Kevin seemed a little sad and shy in the movie. Kevin’s teachers started to get concerned with his behavior and started questioning his intelligence. Teachers saw Kevin as a child who needs special attention and to attend a special school. This is an example of…show more content…
People define us by what we do and what they see. People in the Buckman family realize patty is very intelligent for her age that she is a example of direct definition because of how everyone else see’s patty. Patty’s father Nathan gives her positive direct definitions by telling her your smart, and encouraging her in a positive way to learn all the time. Because of Nathan always encouraging patty to learn her interpersonal communication is well rounded and intelligent. One character that I identify with the most would probably be Larry Buckman. Beside Larry’s bad habits of gambling and not looking after kool, I related to him because he’s independent. During an argument between Larry and his father, Larry says he’s not like gill “just another number”. He was different, he wanted to stand out and work for himself, not just another number in a business. I am my own boss, my brother and me opened a business because we are both like Larry, wanting to work for ourselves and not being an employee and some office job. I also related to Larry because I like to gamble, but not to the extent Larry does. I enjoy playing cards at casinos and some small sports bets with friends, But not to the extent of betting thousands of dollars on sports bets. The movie parenthood was an excellent movie to assign because of all the different charter relationships and how they all relate because their family.
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