Ipad Prospects

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The iPad: * Positioned between smartphone & laptop; For Jobs, iPad will be a netbook killer, driving new consumer behavior * 9.7” LCD, read books, watch movie, some biz productivity applications * Control over components (1st to run on its own branded chip, the A4) * A4 specifically designed for next generation mobile devices requiring low power (10 hrs battery life) & fast processing Initial concerns were: * Many consumers prefer keyboard = keyboard accessory now available * Inability to play Flash video = other cross platform video applications are used by designers to enable viewing on the iPad * Multi-tasking = OS 4 now available for iPads “The value of computer corresponds directly to the…show more content…
There may be some incompatibility issues in communicating with their network depending on the platform being used. It can still be used by their mobile workforce and in the future have complete integration. Depending on how much revenue this will create, it may not be a market segment worth pursuing. 5. Education = highly depended on software availability; Apple already has an existing relationship and commitment to education; they can partner with school districts to distribute iPads; Replace textbooks The iPad is still in the early stage of it’s life cycle. There is the global market to penetrate, emphasis is on product design and some process design, and competition is increasing. Apple products are well differentiated. This enables them to realize a higher margin than their competitors. Although there are other companies trying to imitate the iPad and capture a share of the tablet market, Apple has a high level of customer loyalty making the iPad unique and difficult to substitute in the eyes of the consumers. | Introduction | Growth | Maturity | Decline | Market Growth | | * Public well aware of what an iPad is. * Sales volume increase with new consumers; existing consumers purchasing newer models. | | | Intensity of Competition | | * New players trying to establish market share | | | Emphasis on Product Design | | * Apple
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