Iphone And Globalization : Apple 's Most Revolutionary Product

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iPhone and Globalization iPhone, Apple’s most revolutionary product, is no doubt one of the symbols of globalization. The world will never be same again after its appearance. So what is globalization and how iPhone is related to this phenomenon? Globalization is a process of world’s both transitional and transcultural integration (Al-Rodhan). Globalization implies the formation of a single (universal) global economic, cultural, legal and information space. In other words, the globalization movement goes beyond the purely economic framework, and also has a significant impact on all major areas of public life - politics, ideology and culture. It will no doubt play a decisive role in the global economy in the 21 century setting a powerful impetus to the formation of a new system of international economic and political relations. Globalization is caused by objective factors of world development, deepening of the international department of labor, the progress of science and technicalities in the sectors of transportation and communications reducing the so-called economic distance between countries. Another source of globalization is trade liberalization and other forms of economic liberalization, resulted in limitations of protectionism and global trade transformation to more free one. Cultural globalization is characterized by the convergence of both business and consumer culture between the different countries of the world and the growth of international communication.

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