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Apple iPhone

Table of Contents Introduction 3 Changes and Implications 4 Technology’s Rapid Development 4 Applications’ Rising Importance 6 Economical Situation 7 Smartphones as Substitutes 10 Smartphones as a “Trend” 12 Conclusion and Future Outlook 13 Bibliography 14 Appendix 16


As we step into a new decade, we are experiencing tremendous changes in the technological environment with constantly emerging advancements. Innovations are appearing everyday in a turbulent market flooded with big players and more new entrants everyday. Mobile phones have become an essential part of a person’s image and social identity.
Consumers everywhere have developed a whole new meaning for Smartphones, shifting
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Most iPhone users who have had previous Apple experience are richer than average, and are technically sophisticated. The iPhone’s major competitors in the U.S. are Android with a market share of 44%, RIM with market share of 24.2% (Albanesius, 2010), and Nokia with a market share of 8% (O'Brien, 2010) [Refer to Exhibits 3, 4, 5, and 6].
Changes and Implications
Technology’s Rapid Development

When we analyze the technological environment, we look at what could create a new market or develop new products. In order to turn new advances in technology into competitive advantages and opportunities, companies such as Apple need to be aware of the changes happening in the market. Technology affects consumers’ life style, consumption and spending patterns, as well as the economy. Also, advances in the technological sector can sometimes create new industries or destroy existing ones. Additionally, technological changes affect the 4P’s of an organization. Due to the previously mentioned reasons, we think the constant development in technology is a key driving force in the Smartphone industry. There is a tide of technological innovations hitting the world and the Smartphone industry particularly. Through our research we were able to highlight

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