Iphone Marketing Assignment

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Group Project Part 1 iPhone Backgrounder


Professional: used to stay in touch and record information while on the go. Using applicants such as email, instant messaging and Mac OS for notes and record keeping.

Students: used for style and individuality. Perform numerous functions without carrying multiple gadgets. (iPod, phone, TV shows, Internet, PDA, phone)

Corporate Users: Input and access data on the go.


The smart phone market is very competitive. Apples main competition consists of a broad range on companies such as, RIM Blackberry smart phones, pearl and curve, Ipaq messenger, Pocket PC series, Nokita E. Most of their competitors have been in the smart
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2.Obtain the right media medium to create hype of the iPhone launch and concert
3.Appeal to early adopters through word of mouth

Strategic Marketing Tactics

Objective 1
Use of popular bands in various television advertisements

Objective 2
Conduct in dept market research on the target market to learn the most suitable mediums

Objective 3
Hold press conference to create initial hype which will start buzz amongst early adopters

Target Audience

Demographics- Generation Y, middle-upper income, ages 18-40

Geographics- Europe, United States (New York and California), Japan

Psychographics: business style, technologically oriented, urban

Behavior Response- early adopters, keeping up with new
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