Iphone Marketing Plan Market Analysis

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iPhone marketing plan Market Summary The iPhone targets consumers who need to store information and communicate or pe ople who want entertainment on the go. Apples target segments consist of profess ionals, students, corporate users, entrepreneurs, and health care workers. Curre ntly, the market for high-end phones like the Apple iPhone is small. Few people want Internet, video, and PDA features in one device because of the high price. The smart phone market is still relatively small compared with general phone mar ket. The market will rapidly increase in coming years due to lower prices and gr eater power. SWOT Analysis Strengths Innovative – The iPhone has an innovative touch screen that is patented and unma tched by any other mobile product today. It also has many functions of other mob ile products all in one device. Compatibility –The phone will work with iTunes and with other Mac/Apple products like the new Apple TV, allowing for wireless connectivity to the big screen. Th e iPhone is also compatible with many Mac OS software tools. Mac OS compatibilit y means that the iPhone has limitless potential for upgradeability. Ease-of-Use – The all-new touch screen interface making operations extremely int uitive. It is radically different from those of other phones or PDAs that recogn izes multi finger gestures, just as the human hand normally behaves. The Mac OS X application imbedded into the iPhone assures users will easily recognize what they can do Brand awareness –

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