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Beckman, David and Hirsch, David (2001, December). Just married: Cell phone and Palm. ABA Journal, 68-70.
The merger of a Palm handheld computer and a mobile telephone is the first device that combines cell phone mobility with powerful computing. Thus, merger of mobility and muscle produces pocket-size prodigy. Hirsch mentioned the Smartphone, by San Diego-based Kyocera, combines a cell phone and a fully functional Palm in a single pocket device. Compared with a regular Palm, it is a little thicker, a little taller and seems a fraction of a second slower to respond to the stylus. The screen is slightly smaller and the device slightly heavier, though the difference is not very noticeable. But the negatives
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The company last month formed the Palm Developer Network, which replaces its Pluggedln developer program and includes both Palm OS and Windows Mobile developers. The program offers technical, business, and marketing support, including an online library to answer developers ' questions and compatibility testing services.

Massola, James (2007, July 12). Apple’s iPhone illustrates “feature creep.” Eureka Street, 8-9.

Massola state that the arrival of the iPhone is the latest example of the upgrade cycle that drives our consumer society. It promises the latest in features and technology. It is quite possible there has never been so much excitement over a phone before. The new features it promises, whether we need them or not, are the hook used to capture new customers. In a world in which we already have too much ‘stuff’, it is questionable whether we are really improving the quality of our life by persisting with the cycle of upgrades that manufacturers stimulate. The number of ‘early adopters’ out there are those people who have to have the latest and greatest and seems to grow exponentially.

Mehta, Stephanie N. (2004, September 6). Cellular evolution. Fortune, 68-73

Mathea stated that today cell phones seem as ubiquitous as the air that carries our calls.

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