Iphone Vs. The Iphone

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With everything going on in the world it is laughable how people are constantly arguing over whether the Android beats the iPhone or vice versa. For a numerous amount of years, iPhones and Androids have competed for the prestigious title of the best phone a person could buy. Although iPhones and Androids share similar features, when a sense of competition is presented, there has to be only one winner. There are some people who are undoubtedly loyal to the iPhone and there are others who are certainly devoted wholeheartedly to the Android. There is also the mix of people who have an Android but love the iPhone and people with the iPhone who love the Android. Of course they are other phone brands out there other than the illustrious iPhones and Androids. The difference in Android and iPhone features, such as communication, freedom, apps, display size, etc., demonstrates how some good healthy competition could cause people all around the country to debate with one another on a daily basis.
With a wide range of different phone designs, more freedom to do what you want, and an applaudable display size, some people prefer the Android over the iPhone. Although the iPhone has offered more choices than when they first came out, a customer still only has three screens and five colors to choose from (Smith). The android has more options with waterproof phones, different screen sizes, more colors, different materials and so much more. Androids have so many phone companies a customer

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