Iphone vs Android Systems Essay

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Galaxy S5 vs.Iphone 5s

When people are deciding to buy a smart phone a lot of questions are raised in their head before choosing one. Should I get an Android or an Iphone? How much do I want to spend on a smart phone? Which phone has features that are beneficial to me? What specifications does each phone have? Some people would say Iphones are better than Androids, while others say that Androids are better than Iphones. When looking at a Galaxy S5 and the Iphone 5s there are major differences between them. One major factor when deciding to purchase a smart phone is the price of the smart phone. A Galaxy S5 costs $199.99 for a two year contract with the carriers that are selling the phone. However, the Iphone 5s costs $149.99 for a two
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The resolution of the Iphone 5s is 640 x 1136 pixels. However, the Galaxy S5 has better resolution since it has 1080 x 1920 pixels. The Iphone 5s has a pixel density of 326 ppi. However, the Galaxy S5 has a pixel density of 432 ppi which means it can fit more pixels on the screen than the Iphone 5s’ screen. One benefit that the touch screen of the Galaxy S5 has over the Iphone 5s is its multi touch screen. The multi touch screen on the Galaxy S5 allows the user to be able to touch the touch screen in more than location simultaneously. One feature of the display specification of the Galaxy S5 has that the Iphone 5s does not have is the scratch resistant glass .That means users who have the Galaxy S5 won’t have worry about getting scratches on the screen of their phones. However, Iphone 5s users will have to be careful with their phones if they do not want their phones to get scratches. The camera is a major specification for people who are concerned with taking nice photos. The Iphone 5s has 1.2 megapixels in the front facing camera. The Galaxy S5 has 2.1 megapixels. Since The Galaxy S5 has more megapixels than the Iphone 5s, that means the pictures taken by Galaxy S5 are going to look sharper than the pictures taken by the Iphone 5s. The camera is one of the major specifications thath consumers look for when searching to buy a smartphone. Another important specification that

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