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SUBJECT: APPLE IPHONE VERSUS THE BLACKBERRY STORM Smartphones are the new generation of phones which can not only make calls, but also surf the internet, keep a calendar, look at the weather, and give you GPS driving directions. I plan to compare and contrast the Apple iPhone and the Blackberry Storm so that my classmates will get an idea of which would be best for them. Each phone has different qualities and features that will benefit different people. I intend to explain (1) the functions that both phones have, (2) advantages and differences of the Blackberry over the iPhone, (3) and the advantages and differences of the iPhone over the Blackberry. Figure 1 BlackBerry Storm…show more content…
One of the biggest advantages of the iPhone is that it has the ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks. This means that where ever Wi-Fi is offered, the iPhone can easily be connected to the network for faster and more efficient internet activity. The Apple iPhone also includes free turn by turn directions and visual voicemail while Blackberry Storm users have to pay extra for these functions. A few specifications of the iPhone are: * 3.5 inch touch screen * 6 hours of talk time * 300 hours of standby * Spell check correction and predictive text * 2.0 megapixel camera * 8GB or 16GB built in memory (“iPhone 3G”) Figure 3 iTunes App Store Apple.com/iphone/appstore Another big advantage of the iPhone is its Application Store provided through iTunes. The App Store opened on July 10, 2008 and about a year and a half later, Apple announced that more than 500 million applications have been downloaded. (Myslewski) There is a wide variety of applications available including Facebook, Pandora Radio, YouTube, iBowling and iFitness. While Blackberry offers Application World which was released April 1, 2009 and has about 500 applications, Apple had a head start and offers over 25,000 applications. Clearly Blackberry has a lot of catching up to do

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