Iphones And Iphone : The Top Two Money Making Phone Brands

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Have you ever wonder what phone you should get, an iPhone or Android? Those are the main two phones that in the competition for phone that people will buy. They blow HTC,Nokia, and companies out of the water. Android and iPhone are the top two money-making phone brands.(Android: Changing the Mobile Landscape, Jan.-March 2011) Being an iPhone owner i’ve wondered what it would be like owning an android. This is a topic that many smartphone owners debate when buying or owning the other. Or whether to switch when the next upgrade comes around. Even though Americans see countless commercials about these smartphones it’s still a tough decision. This is because there are some aspects that make iPhones and Androids different and alike. From the way the phones Appearance, features, and ability to last. In today’s world appearance is everything, especially when it come to the phone that is in one’s hand. All iPhone are made out of glass or some type of expensive material, which made them look nicer. Most Androids are made out plastic like material that isn’t expensive and easy to be produced at a faster rate. iPhones are made with glass screen, which is a fancier look and increases the price. Androids take the cheaper approach and make their screens out of plastic which again help production. Androids are usually bulky in sized because of take out batteries and micro SD cards. The iPhone is way to small to fit all those things, the battery is very small chip in the phone. At the

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