Ipremier Case Study

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That seems to be the first time the iPremier was attacked due to their desperate situation. They did not know how to handle it, which explains the lack of training and emergency procedures. The company was more focused on profit than protecting their customer's information. If I were Bob, I would avoid panic and stay focused; assemble a team and start the incident response plan; start an investigation to define the details on the extent and nature of the attack; analyze and assess the origins of the violation; draw up a plan for the incident in question; disclose the incident to the parties involved and notify the authorities; and review the incident response plan, strategy, and security policies.

We can say that there was no company’s operating procedures due to the fact that their binder, which was supposed to have all the information on how to proceed in these situations, was outdated. They should have a good incident response plan that defines the process steps that
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Positive points should be exalted and adopted as recommended procedures for future use, while negative points should be pointed out and repaired.

They should invest in technology and host their own computer equipment. Qdata was not investing fast enough in advanced technology and had experienced difficulty in retaining staff. In addition, a good practice is to have good analytical skills and intelligence.

They need to have mechanisms to obtain information during or after a data breach to be able to understand the damage. Furthermore, having an incident response team that is trained and ready for the scenario of a violation. Just as your children at school do fire simulation, you should simulate violations, so if you do, you already know that one person is going to be in charge, another is going to give statements to the
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