Ipv4 Ipv6 : The Key Motive For The Development Of Ipv6

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Abstract: The main motive for the development of IPv6 is to add the advanced and better features for the IPv4.Compared to IPv4 there are many better areas in IPv6 such as addressing, Routing , efficiency ,Quality of service, security and mobility. From past three years we have noticed that the IPv4 address exhaustion took place which lead to the development of the next generation internet protocol IPv6.The main aim of this paper is to discuss the transition changes of IPv4-IPv6 . INTRODUCTION: Internet was been invented in united states in the year 1970 and the development started rapidly till the year 1980’s. In the year 1990 there was a new network node introduction which helped in the business presence. Assigning a unique numbers for the device for identification of the location turned a great success in 1994 that is through the IPv4.Invention of the IPv6 took place in the 1990 itself by the internet engineering task force,due to the IPv4 exhaustion in came into the exsistence from july 1999.(IPv6 A passport for future internet 2011). we need to have a IP address for the purpose of connectivity and that IP address should be unique to due increase in the usage the exhaustion of IP address in IPv4 has occurred. IPv4 can be utilized for the interface of many advanced gadgets on the internet it can be utilized to unite the combine the computer based gagjets with the system.In the year February 2011 each organization is responsible for assigning their own IP addreses and

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