Iq And Iq Vs. Iq

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Recent years, whether EQ (emotional quotient) is more important than IQ (intelligence quotient) has become a popular debate. IQ as a factor which defines how smart you are, while EQ defines how well you express and manage your emotion. Cherry (2015) defined EQ as “a measure of person’s level of emotional intelligence. This refer to a person’s ability to perceive, control, evaluate and express emotion”, and IQ as “a number derived from a standardized intelligence test”. This essay will argue that EQ and IQ are equally important. Although IQ is been more highly prized in study as it can help learners acquire knowledge and solve mathematical problems, EQ plays a more significant role in nursing and parenting. In fact, when it comes to military selection and business both of IQ and EQ are equally necessary.
IQ has been regarded as a significant factor in affecting academic achievements for a long time, and intelligent people always do well in acquiring knowledge, which contributes to their excellent marks (Cherry 2015). Currently, it still plays a vital role in learning. Cotrus, Stanciu and Bullorea (2012 pp.5211-5213) used Raven test to illustrate that the higher students’ IQ, the more likely that they will get better academic performance. Moreover, students with a high IQ are always good at mathematical problems solving and logical thinking. Both of the evidence shown in Raven test indicates that IQ can affect academic performance directly. Besides, the statistics from Raven
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