Iqbal: 60-Year-Old Patient With Dementia

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Iqbal is 60-year-old woman who is diagnosed with a dementia. She is taking some prescribed medication for it but as per family members they don’t work as much. Family members don’t see much improvement when taking them. In 2012 Iqbal had an accident on the scooter. She hit her head in the right, front part of the temple. She also lost a consciousness during that time. Shortly after the accident she started to experience memory issues. Because of the trouble with the memory, right now she is not able to do any work at home, she is not able to focus and sometimes doesn’t recognize people around her. Her son informed us that sometimes she forgets whom she talked to 10-15 minutes ago but yet she remembers stuff that happened from the distant past. She cries a lot. It was reported, that sometimes when she looks in the mirror, she doesn’t recognize herself in it, instead she says that she sees some stranger there. She wakes up at night around…show more content…
She has difficulty with reading and writing and she mixes words when talks. She loves to listen to music and old religious scriptures. She also has problem with her knees, shoulder and neck since 2 years ago. Her knee pain is better with a motion and with a massage therapy. She is chilly person, with not much thirst. She drinks hot milk every morning. It was also reported that she is very sensitive to anything that is depressing or sad and after the accident it got worse. She is very sensitive to touch. Her teeth are sensitive to cold drinks. In 2012 she experienced some heartburn issues, but took some prescribed medication and issue went away. There is no food preferences, no problem with digestion or bowl movement. Menstrual cycle were normal, no cramps, everything normal, 2 normal pregnancies (as reported by her husband). Almost at the end of the interview her son reported that when Iqbal takes a walk on the city street, very often she confused the white lines with some big obstacles. When
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