Ir A Nuclear Power And Producing Atomic Bombs

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Around 2003, the hidden Iranian plan of becoming a nuclear power and producing atomic bombs was revealed by a major opposition group: Mojahadeen. The U.S and other Western countries have been seriously discussing this matter with Iranian authorities after they verified the validity of the news. Iran has undergone billions dollars in expenses, in attempts to gain nuclear power. Generally, the main sanctions are divided into four different groups: U.S sanctions (Executive Order), European sanctions, UN sanctions, and sanctions imposed by the U.S congress. During the beginning years, the effect rate of sanctions weren 't very high until sanctions were imposed on Iran’s oil/energy sector and the banking system (Slavin, 2007). When the Iranian revolution took place is 1979, Iranian civilians were in search for a better life which would bring them more political freedom, which at the time, they were lacking. The revolution, attempting to overthrow Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi occurred and not only were Iranian civilians striped of their political freedom, but they were stripped of their other rights and privileges as well. The new ideological theocratic government betrayed the hopes and dreams of civilians of having a better democratic life and instead set up a theocratic dictatorship that affect Iranians until this day. Relations between the United States and Iran has changed drastically ever since the Pahlavi Dynasty. At one point, prior to 1979, America and Iran were

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