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Iran is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. The land of Iran began in 8000BC with the Zagros Mountains and developed into a kingdom and regions, and moved to Dynasties. The classic period of Iran began with the Persian tribes under the Assyrian Empire. In 334BC, Alexander the Great ruled Iran after defeating King Darius III in the battle known as Issus. During the middle ages, Persian and Roman fought for the land of. Islam was introduced to Iran during the seventh century and in 1979, the Islamic Revolution under the command of Ayatollah
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The South is hot and dry; the west receives more rain and a dry summer while the east is dry with snow during winter months.
The population of Iran is 80,840,713 people and rated the 19th largest populated country in the world. It contains diverse ethnic groups such as 61% Persian, 16% Azerbaijan, 10% Kurds, 6% Lurs, 2% Arabs, 2% Turkmen and Turkic, 2% Balochs, and 1% of all the rest of the population. Its main religion is Muslim with 99% of the population practicing this religion. Islamic people may openly practice their religion. Followers of the Bahaii religion prosecuted because Iran believes in only one religion, Shia Islam. In everything and every issue the religious men have the opinion and make the final decision, rule Iran.
Considering the terrain, 69% of the population lives in urban areas, such as Tahran, which contains 7.3 million people. Iranian New Year called Nowruz, beginning on 21 March, which is considering the start of the Persian year. This New Year is a very important observation in Iranian community and it symbolizes hope and good life. Iranians observe this specific day by consider it a national holiday where families visit each other and prepare grand feasts. These feasts contain seven traditional dishes, all of which contain ingredients grown during the spring months.
Iran’s economy depends on oil, which is the government’s biggest income in the country. Small businesses consist of small
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