Ir The World Of Iran

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- History
- Geography
- Society
- Economy
- Government
- National Security

Iran is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. The land of Iran began in 8000BC with the Zagros Mountains and developed into a kingdom and regions, and moved to Dynasties. The classic period of Iran began with the Persian tribes under the Assyrian Empire. In 334BC, Alexander the Great ruled Iran after defeating King Darius III in the battle known as Issus. During the middle ages, Persian and Roman fought for the land of. Islam was introduced to Iran during the seventh century and in 1979, the Islamic Revolution under the command of Ayatollah Khomeini took place. In recent years, on September 4, 1980 the war began between Iraq, under the command of Saddam Hussein and Iran with orders to attack the Iranian border. The war ended on because of major damage and sabotage of infrastructures to both countries in 1988.
Geographically, Iran is the eighth largest country, with an area of 636,372 square miles. Mountain Damavand is the highest point in Iran while the Caspian Sea is the lowest point. Iran’s border is 5894 km long and bordered by Iraq to the west, Afghanistan and Pakistan to the east, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan to the north, as well as the Caspian Sea to the north containing 2,440km of coastline. The weather in Iran differs from one part of the country to the other. The…
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