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IRAC Facts: Wynona Harris started working in October 2004 as a bus driver trainee for the City of Santa Monica (City). In the course of her 40-day training period, Harris had a “preventable” accident causing minor damages on the bus’s back door glass. As soon as she completed her training and became an at-will employee, her probationary driver status started. She then encountered her second preventable accident. On top of her accidents, Harris had her “miss-out” incidents, where she neglected to call her supervisor at least an hour notice, informing about her absent of her shift. Per City’s regulation, drivers allowed to have at least one or two miss-out annually. However, this may imply a “reliability problem” with the driver. In…show more content…
The trial court on remand should determine in the event of a retrial whether the evidence of discrimination in Harris’s case warrants a mixed motive instruction. Management’s Perspective Reference Wynona Harris vs. City of Santa Monica (June 2013) Retrieved from
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