Iran And Afghanistan During The Soviet War

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“Regime Change is the replacement of one administration or government by another, especially by means of military force” (Oxford Dictionaries). This is exactly what happened in Iran in 1979 and in Afghanistan in 1992 both regimes were overthrown by Islamists. Accordingly, Iran and Afghanistan are two countries that share many similarities. For instance both are Islamic countries with heavy radical Islamic Influence, both had radical Islamic groups that opposed the regime, and most of all both were enormously affected by the Cold War. However both countries developed very differently after their respective revolutions (Przeworski&Teune 33). The Cold War enormously affected the fate of many states; Iran and Afghanistan were two which…show more content…
Mossadeq wanted to nationalize the British controlled Anglo-Iranian Oil Company to remove the symbol of foreign influence over Iranian affairs and to maximize profits. The British rejected the nationalization and claimed that Mossadeq was part of the pro-Iranian Soviet communist party. But due to the Cold War the United States feared that Iran may fall into the Soviets arms which caused the CIA to organize a Coup forcing Mossadeq to resign and re-install the shah. Hence the United States outstared a legitimate government. After that the United States provided enormous financial, economic and military aid to Iran to shore up the shah’s government. In addition “Iran joined the US-backed regional alliance called the Central Treaty Organization, as part of a US strategy to put an international ring of containment around the Soviet Union” (Saikal 115). Hence Iran lost its neutrality in world politics, and it was officially a part of the US camp against Soviet Communism. And eventually Iran became to be seen as Washington’s most important ally in the Middle East other than Israel. The shah then instituted the White Revolution and created the notoriously brutal SAVAK to enforce his rule. The White Revolution was an attempt to modernize the country while also increasing the shah’s power. In the attempt to modernize the
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