Iran And The Iranian Hostage Crisis

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In 1979, the Iranian hostage crisis would occur; this event would damage and sever ties between Iran and the United States for years to come. Over the years, Iran would have hard-line leaders that would only further isolate themselves from western powers and more specifically the US. It would be another 30 plus years before Iran would seek out the US and have a conversation between the two countries; leading to what might be a possible change in policy for a country that has been isolated from the international stage. Iran’s presidential election in June 2013 was won by Hassan Rouhani and led to him taking over for the hard-liner Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. President Rouhani has been known to cooperate with the West, specifically when he was…show more content…
Former President Ahmadinejad set Iran back years by putting Iran into extreme isolation from the international community. His continued badgering with the international community, eventually lead to a nuclear stand-off with world powers. With what seems to be the Ayatollah’s blessing, President Rouhani has so far shown promise to ease the country’s relations and assume a solution on the nuclear issue. “For Washington, meanwhile, the election offered stark confirmation that its strategy is working, at least to a point. The outcome confirmed that political will for a nuclear deal exists within the Islamic Republic. In other words, the path out of isolation and economic crisis is perilous, but Iran’s new president, who has sometimes been dubbed “the sheikh of diplomacy,” may just be the right man at the right moment to walk it.” (Maloney, 2013) If President Rouhani can bring his country out of sanctions, resume oil exports and trade, they can become a functioning country again. Although, there is a slim chance that Iran doesn’t continue to support terrorist organizations and continue nuclear enrichment in some capacity. As long as President Rouhani remains president, it is expected that he will do as much as possible to continue to further his country and bring them out of isolation with the world and specifically the west. The following event
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