Iran As A Case Of Iran

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Iran as a case Iran is a controversial country that has complicated issues with the international community regarding its own nuclear program. Obviously, Iran is an Islamic country that has strict rules, and low level of freedom. In terms of religion, unlike the Arab countries who mostly follow the Sunni branch, most of the population in Iran are following the Shia branch which is a branch of Islam. Religion to Iranian people and perhaps most of the Arab countries is a really sensitive topic. In general, as a Muslim, I know that disagree with other branches of Islam in Iran can get you into conflicts if you have different beliefs, and we will go over that because the Islam’s schism is a significant factor in the Iranian society that…show more content…
Iran is widely diversified in terms of ethnicity; Persian ethnicity is considered to be the highest with 61 percent of the population while only 16 percent is Azeri(Turkic people originally from Azerbaijan). Azeris people do not speak Farsi, but they speak a language that is close to Turkish people, which is quite surprising with that high percentage (20%) On the other hand, Other groups fill out the other 20 percent including Arabs, Kurds, and Baluchis. While the majority of the population in Iran follows the Shia Islam, some ethnic groups follow Sunni Islam. In my opinion, a good example that demonstrate the ethnic divisions is the Kurdish people, they are Sunni, and they are facing sort of discrimination due to their beliefs. The Kurdish has a problem with the Iranian regime since 1979 when they made a huge protest and a guerrilla war against the regime, and they controlled many northern cities. I think the reason for the Kurdish movement in the eighties and nineties is the discrimination against them because most of the Iranian ' regime leaders are from the Shia branch. In addition to that, I think the tension between Sunni and Shia is an ethnic conflict that associated with many political, economic aspects, but the most important aspect is the religion beliefs with Sunni and Shia people that
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