Iran Changes Throughout The Years

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Iran Changes Throughout the Years Iranians have struggled for many years attempting to gain rights from their government. The use of social media has changed how the Iranian people see the world and seek outside resource. Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, media reports have covered the events occurring in Iran and blasted them out to the rest of the world; the struggles and political influence on the citizens. In the past few decades social media such as Facebook and Twitter have become popular to the society. Movements such as the student movements and Green movement have relied on modern technology to spread their beliefs and spread acknowledgement of the issues that are occurring in their country. Studies on Women and Facebook have been changing culture in Iran affecting the younger generation more so than the older generations. Gaining equal rights and privileges are popular issues that are being fought for in Iran over Media. Along with women the gays and disabled are being segregated from their country due to their differences. How has the media effected minority groups in Iran? It was not until the post-revolutionary period between the years of 1980-1988 that Iranian civil society started to change. A revolutionary state was looking to change the state and contain the power that was already within the government. Under Hashemi Rafsanani’s presidency (1989-1997) Iranian economic and social life underwent important structural changes. The new
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