Iran-Iraq War Essay

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Iran-Iraq War
The eight year Iran-Iraq War was, by the standards of international conflicts, a very long one. It lasted longer than both World War I and World War II. In this conflict, the two most powerful states in the Persian Gulf, Iran and Iraq, who were the world’s largest producers of petroleum, were locked in mortal combat and appeared intent on destroying each other. The war began when Iraq invaded Iran, simultaneously launching an invasion by air and land into Iranian territory on September 1980 and ended with a United Nations brokered ceasefire in 1988. The causes of the war are deeply rooted in the ideology and ambitions of the leaders of the countries to gain and maintain control over internal and regional politics, as well
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Moreover, what had formerly been the Imperial Iranian military was greatly despoiled, with much of the officer corps fleeing the Islamic Revolution. Also radical Marxists were still battling the religious fundamentalists in part of the country. Because of all of the above factors, Iraq had a uniquely promising chance to strike a devastating blow at its eastern neighbor, establishing Saddam as the pre-eminent leader in the Persian Gulf region and perhaps so discrediting the new Iranian government as to bring about its ultimate downfall. Saddam also wanted to put an end to religious propaganda directed against Iraq's secular regime by the Islamic government of Iran, which had come to power in 1979 under Khomeini. Khomeini, and during the Iranian Revolution, and most Iranian Muslims belonged to the Shiite sect of Islam. Hussein feared that the propaganda would undermine the loyalty of Iraqi Shiites, who comprised about 60 percent of his country's population. On March 1980, Saddam received a pretext to engage in war when an assassination attempt was made on Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz, by Iranian-backed rebel group Al Dawaa, followed by the bombing on the funeral procession. Saddam blamed the Iranians and attacked in September. Before declaring war Saddam, in a statement addressed to the Iraqi parliament, on 17 September, stated that "The

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