Iran Nuclear Deal And Its Effects On The Middle East

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The Iran Nuclear Deal has caught the attention of many nations around the world. The Iran Nuclear Deal, is a deal that will prevent Iran from developing an atomic bomb, by reducing and controlling the amount of plutonium and uranium available for them to use. One of the most important countries involved in this deal is the United States. The United States is currently debating whether they should agree to this nuclear deal. Agreeing to this deal will benefit the United States, by suspending some of Iran’s specialized weapons, making Iran less of a threat. America has enough to contend with, and making a deal with Iran will put America in a much more secure position. Iran is notorious for their harsh acts of terrorism, and the devastation of their specialized weaponry, including ballistic missiles. It is outlined in the deal that Iran will suspend and delay the amount of time, special weaponry is available to them, limiting their harsh acts of terrorism throughout the Middle East. The United States has vital national interests in the Middle East, including their security of allies, ensuring the availability of region’s energy supply, opposition to terrorism, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. (Haass) Iran having access to their special weaponry, will put the interests of the United States in jeopardy. If Iran attempts to destabilize any of these interests, the U.S will view it as a threat, and will take military action if necessary. It is integral for
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