Iran Nuclear Weapons, Weapons

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Iran’s Nuclear Weapons
Nuclear weapons, weapons that could potentially destroy civilization, are a new topic in International relations during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. After the United States made a nuclear bomb at the end of WWI, soon other countries followed. By now, there are more than fifty nations intervened with the bomb. A few years ago, Iran and the United States decided to form a deal regarding Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons (Habtoor, 2015). The deal, still in the form of a framework outlining the real agreement, will be ready by the end of June (“The Iran nuclear deal,” 2015). It will be signed by Germany, Russia, UK, US, China, France, and Iran (“The Iran nuclear deal,” 2015). In October 2013, the newspaper Jerusalem Post brought up the point that the United States and Israel do not know for sure if Iran has already started building the bomb or even if Iran already has one (“What does getting the bomb mean?,” 2013). Despite these uncertainties and difficulties to detect Iran’s intentions, in 2013, most of the neighboring nations and the US agreed that Iran currently did not have the nuclear weapon, although it will most likely make one in the next few years (“What does getting the bomb mean?,”). Approximately two years later in April 2015, after the framework for the agreement has been agreed on, Iran’s neighboring nations publicly opposed plans for the future agreement. According to Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoorcting (2015), the US
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