Iran, United States Position, And Decisive Storm Essay

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Nuclear Deal with Iran, United States Position, and Decisive Storm
The Iranian nuclear project has been certain since its inception with the new regime, and Iran has one specific objective to achieve, it is to produce a nuclear bomb. Iran 's leadership has fully convinced that the quest to build Iran as the leader at the regional level will not be achieved without having a military nuclear capability. Iran is considered to have a nuclear weapon is very important in Iranian strategy based on the adoption of the fierce policy of intervention in the affairs of the regional countries and expanding the circle of influence. The Shah 's dream before his fall is the same as the dream of velayat-e faqih at the current time, which the Iranian regime coveted in controlling over the most of the countries of the region. As a part of the Iranian strategy is launching public threats which confirms Iran 's diverse capabilities and potential to inflict great damages in any of the countries in the region that dare to threaten or challenge its interests. Iran used the media as an element of national power by continuous launching news of achieving big successes in the development of weapons and military equipment and the growth of military capabilities that will be used to punish enemies To spread fear and terror in the region. It turned out the Iranian regime continues to pursue an expansionist policy in the region after the completion of the nuclear agreement, Iran caused in escalating the
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