Iran and United States Relations Essay

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Power, security and economy are the great determinants of the international relations that exist among different countries. Iran has for a long time predominantly been a challenge to the American interests. Iran’s political direction could go both ways. If the government decides to stand down on their nuclear program, then Iran represents itself is not only a peaceful but responsible actor. If Iran opts to oppose American diplomatic engagement, then they become a destabilizing power in the Persian Gulf and Middle East. Either way, Iran’s stand on nuclear programs presents a direct threat for the American interests. International Relation Theories According to Realism school of thought, national issues and security concerns overrides…show more content…
This is unlike the realism school of thought where states are seen as unitary actors. Liberalists argue that interaction among states go beyond security to economy (Walt 32). No state is self centred and any actions they undertake they have to be those that other countries are comfortable with. The fact that Iran has a well established military base stands as a risk to USA’s security a move that makes them to be always in conflict with Iran. The current stand for Iran pursuing nuclear technology is that its nuclear activities are for peaceful purposes. The p5+1 (five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany included) prefer that Iran stands off and suspends their nuclear activities at least until issues of suspicion are laid out and resolved. These steps are vital to create confidence that Iran is in fact conducting its nuclear activities for peaceful purposes. The Realism theory best provides the best analytical framework. This is because it brings to fore the main issues pitting USA and Iran. The theory’s main tenet is security between states and antagonism involved. This is an implication that, countries that have not fully stabilized their military institutions are likely to feel unsafe and this makes them to want to establish the best economic relations with those that have a military stability. Iran still poses great security challenge not only to the United States but also to its due to their nuclear activities. Iran’s stand
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