Iranian Culture Gender Roles

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Gender Roles within Two Different Cultures
Being born a female in Iran one automatically has less control over her autonomy. This is due to the male dominant society which has placed limitations and expectations on females. These exceptions and limitations can range from being told what to wear in public to not being able to go out alone without placing themselves in danger. Through socialization these have become social norms in the Iranian culture that have resulted in explicit and implicit gender roles. According the Berger and Luckmann, socialization can be deconstructed into two parts: primary and secondary socialization (1967). In primary socialization, a child is taught by significant others what are appropriate attitudes, behaviors
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The way the uniforms were allowed the girls to participate in similar activities to boys however, our behaviors were more so monitored than the boys during activity time. I can recall a time where I was in the sandbox with a friend who happen to be a boy. He started to roll around in the sandbox and I started to mimic his behavior. Soon after my teacher walked up to me and told me that it was not appropriate behavior for a girl and that I should keep my uniform clean. I did not listen to her at that time, but the next day in the same sandbox the same boy policed me on my behavior when I tried to roll around in it again. It was at this moment when I realized I should start restricting my behavior because I was getting sanctioned for not displaying my gender role. This instance is an example of the Armenian culture where males are encouraged to be dominant and aggressive and females are driven to behave in a submissive and compliant manner. These characteristics disable the women to question authority and be able to look beyond becoming more than just a housewife and a mother. It also forces them to be dependent on the male counterpart for support mainly financially. These factors are more prominent later in life in the Armenian culture that is why even though, during primary…show more content…
During preschool and kindergarten, girls were encouraged to play with boys and engage in physical activity. Yet, entering elementary school the gender dynamic changed completely. When I transitioned to an all-female school the friendships that I had made with boys in the Armenian school no longer existed. This gender segregation in schools reflected in the gender segregation in this society. Eventually, the Armenians must conform to the Persian culture regarding gender roles which does make its way into their home. For instance, females from both cultures would not interact with males that were not their family members, would do all the domestic work, and were told to not question male authority. These gender roles vary amongst females Armenians that are raised in Russia, Armenia, France, Germany, and so on. Regardless of the culture, gender roles have always been implicitly and at time explicitly enforced and my experience in dealing with these norms as female happened to be in
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