Iranian Education During The Islamic Revolution Essay

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Iranian Education during the Islamic Revolution During the Islamic Revolution in the Iranian country, education was essential to the people. Shah wanted the Western education because he believed that it was best for the Iranian people. Most of the women were involved in the demonstration of wearing the veil has some western education. The Islamic revolution wanted things to go back to the original Islamic culture. Based on the Complete Persepolis, in 1979, a revolution took place and later called “The Islamic Revolution”. This is the period they were forcing people to do what they don’t want to do. The women were also forced to wear the veil including the school girls. Being Educated will help to change a country, especially in undeveloped countries. When people are getting a quality education it will make life easier for them. Being educated is the most achievement anyone can make in their lifetime. The more education you have, the more knowledge you gain to solve a problem in any situation you have encountered. In Marjane’s life education makes her to have confidence and satisfaction in everything she has done. The people should encourage education, in our societies. Although, Education has been brought success and the independent in Maryjane’s life. Being educated enables her to find the condemnation of the Iranian government, and to voice out her mind. When Marjane got married to the Reza,
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