Iranian Nuclear Threat Essay

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The possibility of Iran soon having nuclear weapons is no joke. The Iranian government is growing closer to this goal every day. The Iranian government has totally disregarded United States government’s sanctions against their nuclear program and still continues to enrich uranium. An unsafe goal for such an unstable country as Iran these weapons could easily be put to use against countries like the US and Israel whom Iran openly despises. Iran does all this while also testing long range missile systems capable of launching a missile over 300 miles easily reaching countries like Israel and its neighbors. Iran is also working on an inter-continental missile which would have ranges of much over ten times of what the country has now. Therefore…show more content…
The terrorist organization Hezbollah was founded by Iran’s own Revolutionary guard therefore imploring close relations with them. Though Iran and terrorist organization Al-Qaeda do not get along very well there common enemy’s of the United States and Israel has led to corporation between them as well. There is no doubt in the minds of a great many people that if Iran was to create a nuclear weapon that it would end up to be in the hands of one of these terrorist organizations. The result of this would be devastating not only would it immediately be used against a country like the US or Israel there would also be no where to hit back as these organizations do not have a “home country”. Al-Qaeda has already proved themselves able through 9/11, why would they even pause when they have an opportunity that would be 10 times as deadly as 9/11 was. Does the US government truly need a repeat of this before they realize the true potential a threat like this has to offer and, how important it is to stop it in anyway necessary? Additionally, the Iranian nuclear program is a direct threat to the United States of America. Iran has made it clear through many demonstrations that they despise the US and its actions in the Middle East. They have also been testing inter-continental missiles that would possibly be able to get to reach the US. Iran has shown hostility to Iran in the past with the Iranian hostage crisis were the US embassy was
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