Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps ( Irgc )

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Anyone who has even the slightest clue about anything related to world news has the basic understanding that Iran is a major player in the world of politics. From miscellaneous missile launches to disputes with other foreign nations, they have strong armed their way onto the international stage. Iran has become the largest threat in the Middle Eastern region as a result of the efforts of their fairly infant Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Plunging in for a closer look, the strength of the IRGC impresses not only politics, but the socioeconomic culture of Iran but not in the most positive fashion. Formally known as Persia, Iran’s military history spans back to the time period before Christ existed. Through thousands of years of regime changes, in more modern times, Iran has adopted a two headed military system. These two factions are the Artesh and the Sepah (more commonly known as Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps [IRGC]). The Artesh is the national defense force or the conventional army of Iran. The Artesh protect the borders and carry out other internal responsibilities while the IRGC serves as the offensive entity. The Artesh has more soldiers than the IRGC, but the IRGC is the face and strength of Iran. The birth of the IRGC was a result of the Iranian Revolution of 1979. The ability of the IRGC to not only stand up as an Army, but to essentially eradicate the Iraqi presence from Iran to end the 8 year Iraq-Iran War legitimizes its existence even to this day.

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