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The Republic of Iraq is a country that has gone through extreme damages due to multiple wars causing a lot of harm to its people, wildlife, and the environment. It is a country governed by democracy and is rich in history as it became independent from Britain and Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath Party. Air Defense Artillery was able to show its capabilities when they intercepted a tactical ballistic missile that was launched from Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2013. Because of this event, Kuwait was eager to work closely with The United States and expand its own air defense, which lead to the Kuwaitis intercepting another tactical ballistic missile launched once again from Iraq. Firstly, located in Western Asia, Iraq’s capital and…show more content…
Oil wells were set on fire after the Gulf war; spreading toxic smoke hundreds of miles across the region and the destruction of the chemical facilities caused more toxins into the air, soil, and water of the entire region (Iraqi Cultural Orientation, 2011). In addition, after the Treaty of Sevres divided the Ottoman Empire in 1920, the League of Nations established the modern borders of Iraq. Thus, placed under the authority of the United Kingdom as the British Mandate of Mesopotamia. In 1921, the Kingdom of Iraq established a monarchy, and later gained independence from Britain in 1932. In 1958, the monarchy was overthrown and the Iraqi Republic created. The Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party from 1968 until 2003 controlled Iraq. After an invasion by the United States and its allies in 2003, removing Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath Party from power. In 2005, Multi-party parliamentary elections gave the people of Iraq the option to vote. Republic of Iraq is now a parliamentary democracy, which uses a federal system of government that consists of 19 provinces and one autonomous region, Iraqi Kurdistan. In addition, Iraqi National Movement, State of Law Coalition, Iraqi National Alliance, Kurdistan Alliance make up the Council of Representative, there are over 31 major political parties. In July 2014, Faud Masum, a veteran Iraqi politician became the president. President

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