Iraq War Between Iran And Iraq

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While both Iran and Iraq, the two most powerful states in the Persian Gulf, had boarder disputes dating back to 1501, Iraq has always had a long history of conflicts with its neighboring countries but none more conspicuously than Iran. Historians believe that the forty battles of the Iran- Iraq war were fought because of territorial and government disputes. After eight long years, the Iran- Iraq war was adequately more than people had every imagined it to be. The bitter war devastated both countries and left many with unanswered questions. The Iran Iraq War of 1980 was between Iran and Ba 'athist Iraq beginning on September 22, 1980, continuing for eight years, and ending on July 20, 1988. “This war set the stage for many of the current problems in the Middle East.” As tension built up from the Iranian Revolution, the president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, initiated the war. President Hussein and the Iraqi government saw the Iranian government as a threat. According to President Hussein he originally initiated the war over territorial disputes and oil production, the main reason being control over the Shatt al Arab, a waterway that empties into the Persian Gulf that formed the boundary between Iraq and Iran. Iraq’s war objectives were to expand its territory, get access to more valuable oil reserves, increase the shoreline of the Persian Gulf it controlled, and unify the Iraqi nation around the Hussein regime.
Before the war was even thought of, Iran and Iraq were not…

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