Iraq 's Internal Struggle Of Iraq

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Iraq’s Internal Struggle With the current situation in Iraq, we must take a look into the country’s history. In 1920 Iraq started a rebellion against the British that lasted until 1932 when it declared its independence. Iraq was governed by a monarchy until 1958, when a group of Iraqi military officers staged a coup and overthrew the monarchy declaring Iraq a republic. Major General Abdul Karmel Qasim took over as Iraqi prime minister, minister of defense, and commander and chief after the successful coup. In 1963, yet another military coup occurred that would lead to the death of Major General Abdul Karmel Qasim. Saddam Hussein became president of Iraq in 1978, at the end of this coup. In 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait; this sparked the start of the infamous first Gulf War. At the beginning of 2003 Great Britain and the United States formed a strategic alliance to conduct a series of bombing raids on Iraq to weaken and disable their Air Defense Network. After the bombing campaign the coalition once again led a force into Iraq to liberate the country and end Dictator Saddam Hussein’s reign of tyranny. 2005 marked a momentous occasion for Voters as they approved a new constitution. The new constitution turned Iraq an Islamic federal democracy. (“Iraq: History”-Global Edge) The country held its inaugural election in 2005. After the United States withdrew its troops in 2011, Iraq held its provincial elections on April 20, 2011. This was a milestone in the young country’s
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