Ireland Is An Island Surrounded By The Celtic Sea And The Atlantic Ocean

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Ireland is an island surrounded by the Celtic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Mountain ranges cover a vast majority of its geographical structures. Central Ireland is predominantly flat and its ground is most filled with clay and sand. The climate of Ireland has a lot to do with it being surrounded by water; it stays usually about 50 degrees year around, having mild winters and cool summers. Ireland has long been a country of tradition and held on to traditional values for very long, even when other countries should change. Even today, many Irish homes still follow some of the traditional values which some argue to be the values of an individual with a well-rounded life. But this does not mean that the entire country employs these values. In fact, the role of the family has changed significantly in the last couple of decades. In many ‘traditional’ Irish families, food and family life were closely linked. Traditionally one parent (Mostly the female/mother) would stay at home to take care of the family and look after the home duties such as cooking, cleaning etc. Nowadays this division of work (especially at home) has shifted slightly towards a more modern perspective. Over the years it became more regular for both parents or females in general to be actively employed during the week. (ASK, 2016) This shifted may have changed some parts of the traditional values and gender roles but according to a recent study by the European movement Ireland, the country still has a long way to

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