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HINT 1 – Hofstedes cultural dimensions – know them – in textbook HINT 2 – Porter’s five forces model – know model – in textbook HINT 3 – Contingency Factors HINT 4 – Differences between content and process theory (motivation) HINT 5 – Know one leadership theory really well (Look on blackboard for topics not covered today – worksheets are provided) Topic 1: The environment and organisational culture Four external factors impacting managerial decisions in the specific environment: 1. Customers: managers must meet needs of customers, also keep up with consumer demand 2. Suppliers: Affects the cost of production, need a steady inflow of supplies at a low cost, availability of supplies also matters 3. Competitors:…show more content…
How might they help an organisation overcome threat of the five forces? 1. Cost leadership – be the lowest cost producer in the industry, therefore you can have the lowest price products in the industry 2. Differentiation – unique product, attractiveness of product 3. Focus strategy – focusing on cost leadership and product differentiation but in a more specialized market, niche market. Topic 4: Organisational Structure and Design What are the four main contemporary organisational designs? 1. Team Structure 2. Boundary less Structure 3. Project Structure 4. Matrix Structure PRACTICE ESSAY QUESTIONS Analyse how the contingency factors may affect decisions regarding organisational design (refer to pg. 371) Things to consider: * What does each contingency factor discuss? * What essential features of these factors might influence structure and design? Organic – adaptable Mechanistic – rigid Strategy – needs to reflect our organisation structure – organic Size – Larger organisation will have more rules with more departmentalization Technology – unit production vs. mass production vs. process production Environmental uncertainty – need to be adaptable if environment is

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