Iris Running Crane Case Study

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Canel Biryol IRIS RUNNING CRANE CASE STUDY Iris Running Crane, an MBA graduate candidate, is trying to choose among three different job offers in private equity sector. Her first option is Sunstorm Investment Group, which is one of the most respected buyout groups in the world. Her second option is Red Horse Partners, which is a middle-market LBO group. The third is Lepus Capital; tries to reposition itself like a turnaround expert, beginning using its own portfolio. In this study case, I will try to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each offers and try to determine which offer might be the best for her personal career goals in the future. Before analyzing job offers, I determined the expectation of Iris about her job…show more content…
Also the firm’s counter-­‐cyclical offering is another reason for Iris to be interested in this firm. Iris’ past experience in deal structuring may help her to be more successful in her career in Sunstorm. However, despite of all the advantages the firm offers as one of the most respected buyout groups, Sunstorm fails to expect Iris’ most of the main expectations in her future position. First of all she wants a firm culture that she can learn and be a part of change. But in Sunstorm’s data driven and hierarchical firm culture is not exactly what she wants especially while her biggest motivation to be in PE is to make a difference. Also she believes that she won’t be able to learn much when she is a part of a very big team. The third disadvantage is, she has
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