Irish American Culture Essay

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How did Irish Immigrants culture and way of lifestyle affect the economy? Without these conflicts we would still have bad discrimination today. “What makes someone American isn’t just blood or birth but allegiance to our founding principles and faith in the idea that anyone-from anywhere-can write the next chapter of our story.” –Barack Obama
After 1820, about five million Irish immigrants came to the U.S to escape the potato famine. This then provoked reaction among certain white native-born Americans known as nativists. Nativists denounced the Irish for their social behavior, their impact on the economy, and their catholic religion. Many of these nativists were anti-Catholic meaning they were against all people with a catholic religion.
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Also, California’s gold rush inspired some Irish men to come and move west. The Irish wanted to be free to worship the way that they wanted to. Because of some of their religion, they had been pushed out of Ireland because of religious conflicts. Economic conditions were also poor at this time. Irish people who wanted to own land were pulled to America by the promise of free land. Others came as indentured servants, they had their passage already paid by someone else, and in order to pay that person back, and that servant would work for them for a number of years. Since the English had control over all Ireland at this time, they controlled the Irish’s crops that they grew. The Irish were allowed to grow only a small amount of crops to feed their families.
In my opinion, the potato famine was one of the biggest causes for the Irish to immigrate. A fungus infected the potato crops, causing them to shrivel up and turn black. Since, potatoes were what their main diet consisted on, most moved to America. If they hadnt, they may not have been able to survive with their few
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