Irish Culture In Ireland : The Culture Of Ireland

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The Culture of Ireland
Culture can be viewed as the customs, arts and social interactions of a particular nation, people, or other social group. It can also be defined as an appreciation of the arts and human intellectual achievement (Examples of Culture). Ireland is the land of many cultures ranging from a cosmopolitan style around the Dublin and city areas to the South-Western areas which are like a blast back in time many centuries. Thousands of Irish are involved and practice in the art of musicals, dance, and storytelling. A great many also work in industries, producing items such as glass, ceramics, ironwork, wood-turning, linens, embroidery, and knitwear (Britannica, 2017). Irish pubs are a huge way of life in the communities, it’s where the locals meet and converse and enjoy some of the world finest beer and whiskey. The diversity of the Irish culture is that of one many people seek out to visit and take part in.
Ireland is located on the continent of Europe and covers 68,883 square kilometers of land and 1,390 square kilometers of water. The country is estimated to be the 121st largest nation in the world. The capital city of Ireland is Dublin. Dublin is known to be Republic, as well as the political center of Ireland; It is also the home of the ceremonial head of state. Historians estimate that Ireland was first settled at a relatively late stage in European history around 10,000 years ago. The Celts or Iron Aged Warriors were the first to inhabit the

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