Irish Homeland and the Government

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Irish Immigration, 1910-1920 Irish Homeland and Government Ireland in the second decade of the twentieth century was a place of contradictions, enjoying more prosperity in some ways than it had under previous decades of British rule, but still chafing under this rule and agitating for independence or for governmental and social reform in a variety of areas (Ferriter, n.d.). With a concession for home rule made by the British in 1912 but actual implementation halted with the outbreak of the First World War, Ireland was in a position of uncertainty, with more jobs because of the war but with less optimism for the future in many ways (Ferriter, n.d.). Still not really seen as a land of many opportunities, immigrants from Ireland to the United States and other places in Europe sought better jobs and more stability. The government in Ireland was also in a state of flux, to some degree, with Irish authorities taking over some responsibilities before Home Rule was fully established and a variety of social programs being implemented while at the same time agitation for the departure of the British was rising to a fever pitch (Ferriter, n.d.). The Iris government was both strong and weak depending on the perspective one took and the facts one examined, then (Ferriter, n.d.). This uncertainty doubtless contributed to decisions to emigrate. Irish Leadership and the Push to Leave As the government in Ireland was in a state of turmoil and transition during this decade, it
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