Irish Immigration Essay

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Running head: IRISH IMMIGRATION IN 1850’S 1

Irish Immigration in 1850’s

Dorothy Mathews


March 7, 2010

Henry Williams


Irish Immigration
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They could not get jobs because of their education and because they knew nothing of factories and actually living in cities. Most were used to living on farms and farming the land.


Most of the Irish immigrants faced many prejudices and segregation. The nativists and the other immigrants were afraid of them because of their religion and beliefs. They were forced to live in slums and in poverty because they could not find jobs. The only work they could find was in servitude and menial labor jobs. They were under educated and poor. The Irish were thought to be stupid and ignorant, so they stayed to themselves.

The Irish emigrants entered a land with new social and cultural differences. At this time the African Americans and Asian Americans were involved in disputes, along with the European Americans. Add to this the disruptions between the Catholics and Protestants and there was not much peace in the neighborhoods. During this time, they developed political partisanships which brought into line a group called the Know Nothing Party and later the American Protective Association (APA). Neither of these parties lasted for long, but the Irish were later associated with the new Democratic Party.

Also during this time, Irish immigrant soldiers played a big part in the Civil War

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