Irish Political Culture Has Changed Fundamentally in the Past Three Decades

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Edward Harran
Politics…Economics and Social studies
26th October 2010
Irish Political culture has changed fundamentally in the past three decades

It would be reasonable to assert that the political culture in Ireland has changed radically over the past three decades. To explore this we must take into account that Ireland was a sovereign independent democratic country built on a Constitution that gave the Irish electorate control over its government representatives. This was carried out by means of democratic election.
At this juncture Ireland has lost control of its
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Leading up to the Maastricht treaty farmers were told that the provision for the Common Agricultural Policy in 1997 was £30 billion. The electorate were told that the public health would be contributed to and all major health problems of our time would be tackled. Take a look around and ask yourself, does Ireland have a health service that the people can be proud of, and is rural Ireland still the main food provider for the nation?
During Ireland’s independence there was a democratic structure to the government. Below is the difference between the E.U. parliament and the Irish model. THE DAIL
We have an opposition party that challenges, questions and debates policy.
All parties set out their manifestos at election time setting out their proposals for governing the country.
Our government and opposition parties have open debates and tight records are kept of what was said and who said it.
The Irish electorate can vote in or out 100% of the government under the Irish constitution. EUROPE
One government only. No opposition to challenge policy.
There are no manifestos. There is only one policy-Federalism
Most government business is conducted in secret or private.
The Irish electorate can vote in or out approximately 2% of the people who govern us. We have no control over the other 98% and we don’t know who most of them
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