Irish Revolution Research Paper

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The Irish Revolution From 1919-1923 the war of independence and the civil war began and finished in Ireland. These two wars are thought to be one, the Irish Revolution.Without the revolution, Ireland would not have gained their independence, and Ireland would still be under British government; therefore, the Revolution was an important part of Irish history.The Irish revolutions became an important part of European history because it was the time Ireland gained their independence from British government. Menapia Gual was given a task to clear out pirates from the channel. When he cleared them out he began to try and take control of Britannia for himself. He had built forts along the coast to stop infiltrators from entering. Defense forts…show more content…
Irish could not manage to drive England away from Ireland. Each time England tried to conquer Ireland the Irish would just hate them more. Bitterness between Ireland and Britain depend with religious differences surfaced. Henry VIII thought in order to keep control of Ireland he would suppress Catholicism in Ireland. The new conflict became English Protestant versus Irish Catholic (Bartoletti, 13). By the fifth century Argyll and Western Scotland were settled by Northern Ireland Scots. They settled in South Welsch, Lleyn Peninsula, and Pembroke. “The Caledonians who had fought Agricola had joined with other groups from the Picts. The name is Roman and means ‘painted men.” “The land of the Picts bordered the territory colonized by the scots from Ireland (Lloyd, 109).” By the third century the Irish became a threat to the Wales and a menace by the fourth. Roman-Britain built new forts to deal with the problem(Lloyd,109). This war was unlike any other war Ireland had fought. The rebels did not want to repeat what happened in 1916 because they did not want to repeal the rising. In 1923 British government had finally given Ireland a limited amount of independence. Irelands new issue was to form a new type of
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