Irobot Essay

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iRobot is a very competitive firm in the robotics industry that creates many types of robots from consumer cleaning robots to drones used for military applications. In the last few years, the sales of the consumer products have been driving the majority of iRobot’s revenues. The company has a few, albeit experienced, competitors in the consumer market while in the military robotics market the company has battled with industry veterans such as Lockheed Martin. The financial structure of the company had been strong until the worldwide economic crisis hit in 2008. With sales declining and credit hard to come by in 2009, iRobotics started eyeing other sectors to exploit. With the lack of competitive pressures in the consumer market, the…show more content…
Lately, the performance has been slowing down and in addition to the economic downturn of the year 2008, iRobot grew weaker due to weak economy in the USA and around the world. Opportunity-wise, iRobot has the capacity to acquire emerging and more innovative small companies growing in foreign market such as Asia and Europe. Strategic alliances are also another opportunity that iRobot has exploited in the past. This can offer a repositioning strategy of iRobot that would allow the company to strengthen its weakening position as the market leader of the Robotic appliances industry. There is also a growing market. The robotic industry is projected to grow in the future. Many manufacturers will feel the need to replace workers (often aging in a few but key developed countries of Europe and Asia) with artificial intelligent machines, the robots and iRobot can capitalize its early entry to the field and experience that came with it to diversify its product range. In the age of the World Wide Web, there is an opportunity to power up Internet sales, which in many aspects save cost and expands the reach of products to a varied clientele living in remote areas where postal delivery is the easiest way to reach the desiring customers. Another opportunity to be exploited is that the robotic industry is still limited to a few appliances but it can grow to many more not just cleaning households products. Although not a wish, there are
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