`` Iron John Written By Robert Bly Essay

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Iron John written by Robert Bly, describes the differences between a “wild” and “savage” man. This essay will analyze the significance of both words and Bly’s theoretical considerations about masculinity towards Dave Egger’s character named Thomas, from “Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever?” Bly believes it is crucial to distinguish the “Wild Man” from the savage. He mentioned, “The savage mode does great damage to soul, earth, and humankind; we can say that though the savage man is wounded he prefers not to examine it. The Wild Man, who has examined his wound, resembles a Zen priest, a shaman, or a woodsman more than a savage.” However, wilderness in an archetype of structure within all of us. Unless one gets to know it, one is able to realize the potential and energy within itself. MENTION A WILD MAN. Bly exemplifies this distinction between “Wild Man” and “Savage Man” by comparing a man living in the Fifties and a man from the Sixties. According to Bly, a Fifties man was aggressive and lacked empathy or compassion. ANALYZE MORE Bly mentioned, “A receptive space or intimate space was missing in this images of a man. The personality lacked some sense of flow. The psyche lacked compassion… The Fifties male had a clear vision of what a man was, and what male responsibilities were, but the isolation and one-sidedness of his vision were dangerous (Bly, p. 2).” ANALYZE THIS QUOTE On the contrary, the “Sixties male” did have a more in-depth
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